Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Race as risk factors to hypertension

Hypertension is common in all racial groups, although some groups are more prone to hypertension than others. In the United States, Native Americans have about the same, or a somewhat higher, incidence of hypertension than the general population.

Hypertension rates in US Hispanics of Mexican origin are lower than those in whites. In keeping with their higher prevalence for obesity and diabetes, US Hispanics have lower rates of control of hypertension than do whites or blacks.

Compared with white Americans, African Americans have an earlier onset, higher prevalence, and greater rate of stage 2 hypertension. This explains why African Americans also have a greater rate of nonfatal stroke, fatal stroke, death from heart dosases, and end-stage kidney disease.

African Americans have especially high risk for complications because of hypertension - especially renal disease, including lower goal BP reductions and earlier use of combination agents or multidrug regimens.
Race as risk factors to hypertension
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