Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Statistic - High Blood Pressure (HBP) or Hypertension

Hypertension And You
• The WHO estimates that 600 million people with high blood pressure (HBP) are at risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiac failure.

• A study of hypertension in six European countries, Canada and the United States showed the average blood pressure (BP) was 136/83 mm Hg in the European countries and 127/77 mm Hg in Canada and the United States, among men and women ages 35–74. For all age groups, BP measurements were lowest in the United States and highest in Germany. The European countries were Germany, Finland, Sweden, England, Spain and Italy.

• About 15–37 percent of the global adult population has hypertension. In those older than age 60, as many as one-half in some populations are hypertensive.

• About 140 million people in the Americas suffer from hypertension. In Mexico (1997) female deaths from hypertension surpassed those for males, starting at age 35. The prevalence of hypertension in Latin America
and the Caribbean has been estimated at between 8 and 30 percent.

• The Heart Health Surveys of 1985–90 found that 22 percent of Canadian adults had HBP, but only 13 percent had been diagnosed. The overall rate for 1994-95 was 9 percent.

• In England, 34 percent of men and 30 percent of women have HBP (140/90 mmHg or higher) or are being treated for hypertension. About 78 percent of men and 67 percent of women with HBP are not being treated. Of those being treated, just under 60 percent remain hypertensive.

• In Africa the prevalence of hypertension is estimated at 20 million. Some 250,000 deaths could be prevented each year through effective case management. The hypertension-related stroke rate is high in Africa, and victims are relatively young.

• In South Africa, a 1998 survey found that 36.6 percent of women known to be hypertensive had their illness controlled with medication. In general, awareness of hypertension and use of medication increased with income. Hypertension was only half as common among rural as among urban women. In Asia, a steep increase in stroke mortality has accompanied a rapid rise in the prevalence of hypertension. Projections suggest that in China, hypertension will increase from 18.6 percent to 25 percent between 1995 and 2025. In India, the equivalent figures are 16.3 percent to 19.4 percent.

• Worldwide, HBP is estimated to cause 7.1 million deaths, about 13 percent of the global fatality total. Across WHO regions, research indicates that about 62 percent of strokes and 49 percent of heart attacks are caused by HBP.

• Hypertension causes 5 million premature deaths a year worldwide. (WHO World Health Report, 2002)

• A study conducted by the Tulane University School of Public Health stated that the prevalence of HBP will soar to1.56 billion by the year 2025.
Hypertension And You

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