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Blood Pressure-Lowering Drugs

Blood Pressure-Lowering Drugs
When severe high blood pressure is reduced by drugs, people love longer than if they are left untreated.

Their treatment will not affect how they feel – it seldom makes people feel better and they may sometimes even worse.

The aim of all present treatments for high blood pressure is not to cure it, but to prevent its consequences by keeping pressure down to a safer level (whatever the underlying causes of high blood pressure are, they seem almost always to be permanent and are not affect by any of the treatments now available).

Treatment must therefore nearly always continue for life – if you stop taking your tablets, your blood pressure will probably rise again, although this may take several months.

Unfortunately, all the drug used for high blood pressure can cause unpleasant side effects in some people, although the newer blood pressure lowering drugs are generally easier to live with than the older ones.

If you thinks your drugs are upsetting you, then say so, as there are alternatives. With so many blood pressure-lowering drugs now available your doctor should be able to tailor an individual treatment for you that minimizes side effects or even eliminates them altogether.

Included among the side effects of blood pressure lowering drugs are tiredness, depression and failure of erecting: if any of theses happen to you, then tell your doctor or nurse, as of they really are caused by your drugs, thy will clear up soon after your medication is changed.

If you have any wheezing or asthma, then some blood pressure-lowering drugs can be very dangerous, so make sure your doctor knows about this.

Some drugs for back and joint pains can interfere with the effect of drugs given for high blood pressure and you should ask you doctor about these if you take them.

The contraceptive pill occasionally raises blood pressure very seriously, so women with high blood pressure should discuss other methods of birth control.
Blood Pressure-Lowering Drugs

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