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The meaning of white coat hypertension

The meaning of white coat hypertension
This is when your blood pressure is high when measured during a surgery or outpatient clinic but is otherwise normal.

It usually occurs in response to the measurement of blood pressure by a doctor or nurse.

In people with normal blood pressure there is generally little or no difference between their blood pressure reading at a clinic or in a surgery compared to their usual blood pressure.

However, in some people, substantial differences between clinic and usual blood pressure are consistently found, with the higher readings occurring in situations where a doctor or nurse has made the blood pressure reading.

This phenomenon of ‘white coat hypertension’ is more commonly seen in women and older people.

As many as 20% of people diagnosed with high blood pressure at clinics or in surgery may have entirely normal blood pressures while it is measures during the rest of the day.

Other blood pressure measuring techniques are recommended in these people so that their usual pressure is accurately recorded.
The meaning of white coat hypertension

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