Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obesity related hypertension

Obesity is an important contributor to essential hypertension in humans. Data from the Framingham Heart Study suggest that essential hypertension in 78% of men and in 65% of women can be directly attributed to obesity.

Due to its prominent role in promoting deleterious cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and stroke, obesity-induced hypertension is an important epidemic factors for cardiovascular diseases.

The cause of hypertension in obesity is complex and multifactorial, including hemodynamic, metabolic, and endocrine mechanism such as expanded blood volume, increased sympathetic nervous and rennin-angiotensin activity and altered leptin and adipokine release.

Leptin may contributive to obesity hypertension by inducing smooth cell proliferation, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Adipokine of adiponectin level are normal in ‘healthy’ objects who do no have hypertension or diabetes. However the presence of hypertension is associated with lower plasma adiponectin
Obesity related hypertension

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