Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Stage III type of blood pressure

The severity of hypertension can be divided into four stages:
Stage I mild
Stage II moderate
Stage III severe
Stage IV very severe
In stage III it has diastolic pressure: 110 -119 mmHg while systolic: 190 -290 mmHg. In this Stage III type of blood pressure, the patient usually has serious health problems along with High Blood Pressure. The common problems are diabetes, heart and kidney problems, previous stroke, coronary artery disease and even previous heart attack.

Medication for High Blood Pressure in such cases is usually fixed after other forms of medications have been tried out. Usually, the doctor tries to put a different High Blood Pressure Medication Strategy, where he tries to reduce blood pressure to a fixed goal. Persistent albuminuria is characteristic of established diabetic nephropathy. This is associated with declining kidney function and raised arterial blood pressure stage III.
Stage III type of blood pressure
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