Sunday, September 09, 2018

How beetroot juice can help lower your blood pressure?

Beetroot and its product are a very good source of the chemical compound nitrate which can dramatically bring down high blood pressure. In fact, when the person consume the juice, the blood pressure drop instantly and stay lowered for up to twenty-four hours.

A study published by American Heart Association Journal shows that is the ingestion of the dietary nitrate in the beetroot juice is ultimately responsible for the lowered blood pressure. The researchers found that blood pressure levels were lowered within only one hour after dirking the beetroot juice.

It was believed by the researchers that nitrates are converted into nitric oxide by the body, and this chemical that eases up the blood vessel. In one study, researchers found that drinking just one glass of beetroot juice lowered systolic pressure by 4 to 5 points.

Research also shown that a daily intake of 300 to 500 (equal to cups of beetroot juice) milligrams of dietary nitrate can improve exercise performance and lower blood pressure.
How beetroot juice can help lower your blood pressure?

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