Friday, July 27, 2012

Magnesium and hypertension

Magnesium is among foremost mineral influences the relaxing and tightening of the tiny smooth muscles lining the blood vessels.

The balance of magnesium and another mineral, calcium in and around the muscle cells lining the arteries is a primary determinant of their state of relaxation and constriction.

The sodium is apparently much less involved and is being dethroned as the chief culprit. Magnesium is decreased in hypertension and the incidence of hypertension is high in areas where drinking water is soft or where there is little magnesium in the soil.

With the deficiency, the walls of the arteries and capillaries tend to construct – a possible explanation for the hypertensive effect.

An adequate level of magnesium in bloods serum is important in stabilizing the cell membranes and allowing the small muscle cells that control blood pressure remain relaxed.
Magnesium and hypertension

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